Anna’s Story: From Warsaw to the Isle of Man, Leading the Way at Cycle 360

In the heart of Cycle 360’s bustling café and events venue on the Isle of Man, you’ll find Anna, a remarkable individual whose journey takes us from Warsaw, Poland, to the shores of this island in the Irish Sea.

In our Team 360 ‘spotlight series’, we speak to Anna, Cycle 360’s Café and Events Manager, who has a story that’s as diverse as our menu offering ;-)!

Studying International Business & Accounting in the capital town of Poland, Warszawa, Anna embarked on a path that eventually led her to the Isle of Man. Along the way, she’s savoured countless experiences, made friends from different corners of the globe, and embraced the hospitality industry in its various forms. From working at the IOM airport to finding her true sense of belonging at Cycle 360 (in her words not ours!), Anna’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of community and the joys of good food and coffee.

Join us as we sit down with Anna to explore her background, her time spent in Poland and the Isle of Man, her experiences at Cycle 360 over the last five years, and her love for working with people.


C360: Hi Anna, it’s great to have you here for a little Q&A session. Let’s dive right in! Can you tell us a bit about your background? I heard you studied International Business & Accounting in Warsaw.

Anna: Yes, that’s right. I studied International Business & Accounting at the university in Warsaw, which is in the capital town of Poland, Warszawa. During my time there, I was lucky to be with my best friends from school, making it quite a memorable experience.

C360: That sounds like a wonderful time. I understand you had an interesting job in the transport industry and even visited the Isle of Man. Could you share a bit more about that experience?

Anna: I used to work for a transport company, and one of my friends got offered a job to go to the Isle of Man for 12 months, which included bed and breakfast. I decided to visit her once Poland became part of the EU, and I came over on my “name day” (bigger than a birthday in Poland!).  I spent 2.5 weeks there and studied German at the university. It was quite a change from my life in Poland 18 years ago, which wasn’t always very kind. But on the Isle of Man, everyone was kind, and I felt at home straight away. Although there were no seas, there were beautiful forests and lakes, and my family was spread all over Europe.

C360: That’s quite an adventure! I also heard you’re a proud parent. Can you tell us about your family?

Anna: Of course! In 2008, I had a little boy named Mikolaj. He’s a teenager now, which is hard to believe how time flies.

C360: You’ve had quite a diverse career, including working at the IOM airport cafe and now at Cycle 360. What do you like most about working here?

Anna: I love working with people, and Cycle 360 is the first place on the Isle of Man where it felt like family and safety. The atmosphere is different from what I experienced anywhere else. Working here feels like a weight off your shoulders, because I know when there’s something new and exciting coming up, everything will be done properly and not rushed. As much as it’s busy and can be demanding at times, it’s relaxed and happy. I have no fear before coming to work.

C360: That’s wonderful to hear!  How have you seen the café change over the five years you’ve been here?

Anna: There’s been so much change and growth at Cycle 360 over the years. It’s exciting because we never stand still. Some things need time to do properly, with quality and without rushing. I never feel scared with new changes, especially with Mark and Sacha’s stamp of approval.

C360: It’s great to know the café is constantly evolving. Now, on to a lighter question: What’s your favourite menu item at Cycle 360?

Anna: I absolutely love the brioche bun with smashed avocado, feta, and boiled egg. It’s my favourite combination! Honestly, I could live off boiled eggs and coffee forever!

C360: Speaking of coffee, how many cups of coffee do you have in a day?

Anna: I’m a coffee enthusiast for sure. I have about five cups a day, all Americanos with oat milk. Like our regulars, the team know how I love my coffee so I don’t ever need to ask 😉

A big thank you to Anna for telling us her story.  You can read our previous Spotlight episode with Craig from our bikeshop here.

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