Cycling to work is a great way to actively travel. As Active Travel Week started on Monday 28th March, we at Cycle 360 are encouraging everyone to find an active way to get from A to B.

Are you interested in cycling to work but don’t think it’s feasible? Think again! We have put together some top tips for cycling to work to show you that it really is not hard if you have the right kit and the right attitude.

 Safety first! 

 Your safety is the most important thing when out and about on your bike.

A helmet is essential to help prevent the risk of serious injury in the unlikely event of an accident. 

We have a range of helmets in-store and online

Bright coloured clothing, with reflective pieces on are ideal to make you visible to anyone else on the road. Fully charged lights mean that you can see where you are going, and people can see you too!

Reflective kit and lights available at Cycle 360

A bike lock is also key to keeping your bike safe if you have to secure it in a public space.

Locks are key to keeping your bike secure

 Have the right attire

Next, you need to ensure you’ve got the right clothing for a comfortable ride. Wear a weather appropriate cycling kit with easy-to-remove layers depending on the weather conditions. And, if like us you live in the British Isles, always pack waterproofs just in case…

Cycle 360 branded cycling kit

We have a range of bright coloured base layers and waterproofs at Cycle 360. We stock men’s, women’s and unisex clothing so there is something for everyone. 

Bring a change of clothes to wear once you arrive at your place of work, as well as a spare cycling kit to ride home in as the weather may change throughout the day. Or, you may get soaked on your way into work, and nobody wants to put wet or sweaty kit back on! It may be better for you to leave spare clothes and kit at work if you have the facilities to do so.

You will need a way of carrying spare kit and clothes. You can use a waterproof rucksack to carry your belongings. However, this can soon get super heavy, especially if you are carrying a laptop or other electronics. In this case, a pannier rack may be better. This is a metal rack that screws onto the back of your bike and allows you to carry heavy bags or shopping. 

We have a huge range of bags and pannier racks for sale at Cycle 360

Recce your route

If you have never cycled to work before, it’s a good idea to test ride a good cycle route beforehand to make sure you know how long it takes. This way, you don’t risk being late and you will know what to expect! It’s unlikely that you will ride the exact same route that you would drive. So, it’s best to test out routes to find one you enjoy the most, or that avoids too much traffic. If you are feeling extra athletic, you can even take a route that adds a few extra miles onto your route to get an added workout in!

Cycle-to-Work scheme

At Cycle 360 we always encourage people to keep fit, and active travel is a great way of achieving this. Our Cycle-to-Work scheme exists as a way of encouraging more people to make use of a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport – the bike.

Our Cycle-to-Work scheme works with your employer who purchases the bike of your choice from Cycle 360 for you to ride to work (and for pleasure!).  You then purchase your bike from your employer through monthly payments from your salary, which is an agreement between you and your employer.  When this agreed purchase period ends, the bike is all your own!

More details can be found on our website:

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