Have you serviced your e-bike lately?

Electric bikes are a great investment, but in order to make them last as long as possible and to keep them running smoothly, they need regular maintenance and servicing.

As a general rule, you should service your e-bike every six months. However, if you use your e-bike to commute, then you may need to service it at our workshop more frequently. 

During the winter months it’s also worth having a bike safety check to ensure that no water gets into the mechanics and electrics of the bike.

A clean bike is a happy bike!

Dirt, mud and water increases the wear on bike components. Therefore, you should regularly clean and lubcriacte your e-bike at home, especially the moving parts such as the drivetrain and derailleur.

The Cycle 360 bikeshop sells plenty of bike cleaning products from leading brands like Muc-Off. Plus, we have a range of bicycle care bundles to suit your budgets this winter.

Cycle 360 also sells bike components to help bring a new lease of life into your ride. Support your local independent bikeshop by purchasing your components from Cycle 360, rather than buying online! 

Battery and motor maintenance 

The battery and motor of an e-bike are well sealed to prevent any water damage. However, this doesn’t mean it’s absolutely impossible for water to get in. Therefore, it’s important to avoid fully submerging your e-bike or using a jet wash that isn’t bike specific.

You can buy bike-specific pressure washers from brands such as Muc-Off, but otherwise just stick to your garden hose or a bucket and sponge for bike washing. 

The motor itself is in a factory-sealed unit and you should never attempt to take it apart for maintenance or to try and fix a problem. If it seems like there is something wrong with the motor or system, get in touch with one of our workshop experts who will be happy to help.

One key servicing area to pay attention to with an e-bike is its battery. These can deteriorate over time and things like the weather can reduce your e-bike battery’s performance. 

Therefore, you should store your e-bike and its battery indoors where possible and reduce the number of times you charge it. It’s best to let your battery run down as low as possible and then give it a full charge, rather than regularly charging it.

If you plan on storing your e-bike over winter then leave the battery at between 40-60% charge over the winter.

Your e-bike may also require regular software updates. The regularity of these updates  varies depending on the specific bike and its manufacturer. Smaller updates can be carried out via your e-bike’s app. However, it’s always worth regularly checking with a workshop mechanic for any larger dealer updates.

Following these top tips should help keep your e-bike running smoothly for as long as possible. But when the time comes for an inevitable servicing or component replacement, get in touch with one of the Cycle 360 workshop experts by emailing workshop@cycle360.com.

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