Mid-Year Update: Achievements of Cycle 360 Supported Athletes

We are buzzing to provide a mid-year update on the achievements of Cycle 360 Supported Athletes. 


Saskia has had an eventful year, starting with a 1st place finish in the Female E-bike category and a 3rd overall in the E-bike category at the Manx MTB Enduro Fun Enduro 1 on April 7. Despite an unexpected bike switch to an E-bike, Saskia embraced the challenge and thrived in the newly introduced ‘power stage.’ She also participated in her second-ever XC race at the Manx MTB Club XC Round 2 on April 14, finishing 6th in the Sport category. Although she faced a mechanical issue that led to her first-ever DNF at the Manx MTB Enduro Round 1 on May 5, her spirits remain high.

Saskia has been a regular at the March, May, and June Coffee Club rides, enjoying the camaraderie and the relaxed atmosphere compared to racing. She finds it rewarding to connect with fellow supported athletes, fostering a sense of unity.

Saskia recently quoted: “…the thing I am finding most valuable from the programme is the mechanical support. This is so precious to me as I struggle with time management for bike prep.”

She added: “Additionally, I am loving the team ethos too. Even down to little bits, like people ‘liking’ each others media updates about events etc. It feels genuinely supportive, which is lovely.”


Caitlin’s season kicked off with a trip to Southport in May, where she placed first in her age group (20-24 F) at a local triathlon event. This experience boosted her confidence on her Time-Trial bike. Caitlin then competed in the Windsor Triathlon (British Championships), finishing 6th in her age group after a thrilling sprint finish.

Her rigorous training is paying off, and she credits the Cycle 360 team for ensuring her bike is always race-ready.

Upcoming races include the British Championships Sprint Distance in August, the European Championships in Vichy, France in September, and the World Championships in Malaga, Spain in October. Caitlin’s focus is on peak fitness for these major events.


Eric has demonstrated consistent performance in cross-country mountain biking. He placed 4th at MMBC XC Round 1 and 2nd at MMBC XC Round 2.

Competing in the British National XC Series, Eric finished 5th at the first round in Kirroughtree, Scotland, 6th at the third round in Cannock, and 8th at the fourth round in Cornwall.

Despite a puncture causing a DNF in the second round in Wales, Eric remains competitive in the expert category nationally.

The support from the Cycle 360 Supported Athlete programme has been “instrumental in funding his UK races” and ensuring his “bike is in top condition”, enabling him to perform at his best.


Mike has had a diverse and dynamic start to his season. In the road series, he currently stands 26th overall after eight rounds of the spring series. In the cross-country series, he secured 2nd place in the sport category in both Round 1 and Round 2.

Mike also excelled in the Manx Enduro events, achieving 2nd place in the masters category at the Funduro and again at Enduro Round 1, where he also finished 7th overall.

Looking ahead, Mike has a packed schedule with significant events in the next month, including:

  • Cycle 360 Two-Day Enduro British Round
  • Grand Fondo
  • Le Dans 24
  • XC Round 3
  • Enduro Round 2

Training with Coach Elliot Baxter at A Star Cycling has been going well, and Mike appreciates the immense support from Cycle 360, particularly the funding for his races and having mechanics on speed dial.

With numerous events across all disciplines, Mike aims to complete every series this year. He plans to maintain his fitness through winter training with his A Star Cycling programme, focusing on the enduro discipline both on and off the island next year.

Looking Ahead

With a diverse lineup of athletes excelling in various disciplines (Caitlin, Saskia, Emily, Brad, Mike & Eric), including enduro, XC, road, and triathlon, the Cycle 360 Supported Athlete Programme continues to embody inclusivity and excellence.

Cycle 360 remains committed to nurturing local talent and helping contritbue to an inspiring and vibrant cycling culture on the Isle of Man!

We look forward to sharing more achievements and milestones as our athletes continue to reach new heights in their sporting endeavours. Stay tuned for more updates from our six athletes.

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