New Mindful Class to Reduce Stress

A new class is starting this Friday, which is unique in its approach to exercise as it solely uses mindfulness to explore the body’s ability and lower stress levels.

As of this week we are warmly welcoming Emma Blackburn – one of very own clients – as an instructor who is bringing us Mindful Movement.

Mindfulness is not a new concept and has been practised in fitness for decades. Yoga, lifting heavy weights or riding your bike can all be mindful habits.

The difference is explicitly paying attention and giving intention to the way you move and breathe, rather than exercising to feel busy, distracted, or to change your body composition while having your earphones plugged in.

Conscious exercising helps you to strengthen your mind and body connectivity – exactly what Emma is aiming to achieve in her classes.

She said: “Mindfulness Movement is a gentle exercise – walking or stretching, or we might choose some (very gentle) yoga or Tai Chi, allowing ourselves to be fully aware and present in each movement.

“I have always had a sense of adventure and keeping fit. I love to challenge myself and see how far I can push myself. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2017 and this is where it made me realise it really is mind over matter.

“After experiencing grief, I took my journey into mindfulness and I believe it has given me the reality of being present and okay with what has happened.

“Many people ask me ‘How do you stay so positive?’ – My truthful answer is by doing mindfulness. Mindfulness is something I am hugely passionate about and excited to be able to share with others.”

She believes mindfulness meditation is great for not only relaxation, but for anxiety, panic attacks, emotional trauma and pain control.

Known benefits of mindful exercising includes:

  • Building confidence and self-esteem when practising open postures
  • Increased concentration, which can bring mental clarity and can help focus on goals
  • Boosting mood and having a greater sense of calm
  • Unclenching teeth, jaws, shoulders…
  • Having a burst of energy and feeling more alert in the surroundings

Emma advises loose comfortable clothing and will encourage members to remove shoes to “be more mindful of the sensation of our feet on the floor”.

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