Supported Athlete Programme for 2024

We’re proud to announce the line up for the Cycle 360 Supported Athlete Programme for 2024!

Aimed at supporting Manx cyclists with their sporting endeavours and goals, the Cycle 360 Supported Athlete programme is set up to give back to the community by arming local talent with world-class equipment, education and financial support.

We hope that our programme can create a community of sports men and women that inspire others to ride a bike!  All while also supporting the local Isle of Man cycling calendar at performance level.  The programme launch will assist in achieving Cycle 360’s core mission: to introduce more people to the freedom of cycling.

All cyclists involved in the programme have fundamental roots to the Isle of Man, and will be regularly attending local races from road events, xc mountain biking, time trial and enduro.

So, without further ado, here’s the line up of athletes for 2024.

2024 Supported Athletes

Mike Chatel: Joining us for another year on the programme, Mike Chatel is a hugely inspiring cyclist and dad of two twin girls.  Getting involved in every aspect of the sport from family rides, to coffee club social runs and competitive road, enduro AND cross-country racing.  Mike, LOVES it and we couldn’t be happier supporting his endeavours for another year.  Competing across multiple cycling disciplines, from dominating enduro races to tearing up the XC and road circuits, Mike has a packed schedule including local and UK events this season.  His dedication to training with A Star Cycling, and to competing is evident.

Brad Woodruffe: Endurance rider Brad Woodruffe is set to tackle the TT series at Jurby and Le Dans locally this year, showcasing his prowess on the road. The second athlete to join the programme for another year took on some seriously inspiring challenges in 2023, and his ambitions aren’t showing any signs of slowing down!
Brad’s set to take on the Dirty Reiver gravel race this weekend, and the Mallorca 312 next week! Both being mental milage and testing his endurance to the max. Other ambitious projects include mapping out a gravel route locally, ready for exploring new terrain and sharing his cycling adventures with others.

Eric Kelly: Eric Kelly joins the programme for 2024.  Eric may be relative new to competitive cycling, but his rapid ascent to the Island Games squad last year speaks volumes about his potential.   With goals set on national cross-country mountain biking rounds and local races this year, Eric brings a fresh perspective to the cycling scene and his positive attitude and modesty when racing is nothing short of inspiring. His eagerness to dabble in road cycling for both fun and training underscores his versatile approach to the sport too!

Saskia Kelly: Saskia Kelly’s commitment to promoting female mountain biking on the island is inspiring. Her efforts to increase female race entries and build a supportive community have already made a significant impact. Despite juggling family life and business responsibilities, Saskia remains dedicated to competing in local events and nurturing her passion for cycling, both on and off the trails.  She’s dominated the enduro scene for a number of years as a female competitor.  For this year, Saskia will be getting involved in all aspects of the sport this year, both socially and competitively and fitting in whatever her schedule can allow – from cross country mountain biking, enduro races both locally and in the UK, road racing and Cycle 360’s social coffee club rides.

Emily Bridson: New to the programme for 2024, and returning to the Isle of Man after a 10-year hiatus, Emily Bridson’s enthusiasm for Cycle 360 stems from her love for everything cycling-related, from equipment to coffee and cake. While balancing her commitments to her current UK team and international cross-country racing, Emily is eager to explore opportunities to collaborate with Cycle 360. Her willingness to contribute through social media, leading rides, and creating engaging content reflects her genuine passion for the cycling community. Emily’s goals cover excelling in the elite category in cross-country racing both locally and nationally, competing in the enduro scene locally and getting involved with the road scene both with racing and social rides like Cycle 360’s coffee club ride too.

Caitlin Gelder: New to the Cycle 360 supported athlete programme for 2024, Caitlin is a longtime supporter of Cycle 360 and a talented triathlete.  Cait is thrilled at the prospect of becoming a supported athlete and looking ahead to 2024, she’s set some big goals! Cait has been selected to represent Team GB in the Under 24 age group category at both the European Championships this year, and the World Championships. Training hard throughout the winter, she believes she’s in the best position possible to give her all at these events.

With a diverse lineup of talented athletes representing various disciplines, including enduro, XC, road, and triathlon, the Cycle 360 supported athlete programme embodies the spirit of inclusivity and excellence. From seasoned competitors to newcomers, each athlete brings a unique perspective and a shared passion for promoting cycling on the island and beyond.

As we continue our mission to support local riders, nurture talent, and create a vibrant cycling culture, the future of cycling on the Isle of Man looks brighter than ever!

Cycle 360’s continued investment into Isle of Man cycling

Cycle 360 is passionate about the future of cycling.  As well as previously running our own mountain biking series for four seasons, we now headline sponsors the Cycle 360 Two-Day Enduro and work with MTB Enduro Club to put on a memorable weekend in July every year, for gnarly riders, attracting mountain bikers from all over the UK to participate.

Not stopping there, Cycle 360 is the cycling partner of the largest-mass participation event on the Isle of Man, the IOM Gran Fondo as well as the Isle of Man Lighthouses Challenge. The team thrive off working with like-minded and enthusiastic people to deliver unforgettable cycling events that target the whole family.

Cycle 360’s Coffee Club also launched last year to encourage cyclists to meet in a friendly and social way every month, for a one-hour ride on the road.  All rides start and finish at Cycle 360 where riders are gifted with a free hot drink in a reserved area on the comfy sofas post-ride.

Bikeshop opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm (we’re back open on Sundays for Summer!)
Bank holidays: 10am – 4pm.

For TT opening hours, please see here.

Cafe opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm
Bank holidays: 10am – 4pm.

For TT opening hours, please see here.