Team 360 Spotlight: Ian’s Journey at Cycle 360

In our latest Team 360 Spotlight, we delve into the inspiring world of Ian, Cycle 360’s Ecommerce and Sales Associate.  With a passion for cycling and a knack for customer engagement, Ian shares his experiences and insights from his 18-month journey with us.

From his initial draw to the Cycle 360 brand to the freedom and satisfaction found in his role, Ian’s story is a testament to the power of aligning personal passions with professional endeavours. He also sheds light on his life on the Isle of Man, revealing how this unique setting enhances both his work and personal ambitions in cycling.

This candid Q&A with Ian offers a glimpse into the spirit that drives our dedicated team!

Cycle 360: Can you describe your role as an Ecommerce and Sales Associate at Cycle 360?

Ian: I would describe my role here to inspire and introduce as many people to the freedom of cycling. Through the means of face-to-face friendly interactions in-store chatting about how we can help you get on two wheels to providing expert knowledge and facts along with the best content online via our social and online presence. 

Cycle 360: What inspired you to join Cycle 360 and how has your journey been over the past 18 months?

Ian: From the beginning of the Cycle 360 journey back in the Pop-up, the Cycle 360 brand was one I was instantly drawn to. Everything about the business appealed to me. I knew years before joining the 360 family, it was a business I wanted to work for.

The last 18 months have created challenges for everyone in all industries, one thing I enjoy about working for Cycle 360 has been the freedom I have been given to roll with my ideas on how the bikeshop can thrive and expand in-line with the overall business objectives. 

Cycle 360: What aspects of your job do you find most rewarding?

Ian: We thrive on creating an experience that customers want again and again. When our customers return and tell us how much they love their new bike and how much it has made such a positive impact on their lives it is really great to hear. 

Cycle 360: Can you share a memorable moment working at Cycle 360?

Ian: Many moments, but one recently that sticks out, a customer who we had ordered some parts for, returned a couple of days later to thank us and let us know he was back on the road on his bike. Prior to leaving he handed me a hand-made bottle-opener made from spare bike parts which he engraved with my name and Cycle 360. I was genuinely taken back and surprised at the thoughtfulness for something that some people may say “oh, it’s your job” but the customer was thrilled. 

Cycle 360: As someone living and working on the Isle of Man, what do you enjoy most about the island?

Ian: As a proud Manxman, I love how great for such a small populated island how much of a force we are in the world. Whether it be our phenomenal athletes representing us nationally or on the world scene or the professional opportunities career-wise there is out there. 

Cycle 360: Lastly, what are your goals this year with cycling or similar – are you planning on doing the Dirty Reiver again?! 

Ian: Cycling-wise, I want to try something a bit different this year. I like the idea of doing some bike-touring. No pressure of racing in events, but to follow the maps on my Garmin and explore. Starting small with the Uk and maybe into Europe.

Quick Fire Questions!

Tea or coffee? Definitely coffee

Sea or mountains? Cycling up mountains of course. 

Winter or summer? Definitely summer. 

Early bird or night owl? Getting old now, early bird. 

Favourite 360 meal? Poached eggs on toast. 

Your go-to coffee order? Flat white.

Favourite spot on the Isle of Man? Sitting on a hedge anywhere watching the TT/MGP. 

Favourite cycling route? Summer post-work ride out from home in Onchan along the coast to Maughold and back.

Bikeshop opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday*: closed (cafe open only)
Bank holidays: 10am – 4pm.

*winter schedule

Cafe opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm
Bank holidays: 10am – 4pm.