The Three Sixty E-Migos

Recently, three of our Bikeshop team members: Craig, Carl and Brad – the Three Sixty E-Migos (see what we did there?!) – enjoyed a Sunday social ride together, embracing the thrill of electric mountain bikes firsthand!

Electric Mountain Bikes (e-MTBs) are taking the world by storm, and for good reason!  These electric-powered bikes open up new horizons for all cyclists, allowing you to conquer previously unconquerable trails, enjoy longer rides, and experience the joy of effortlessly climbing steep inclines.

While Craig is an experienced e-biker, Carl is a seasoned XC rider and Brad, an endurance roadie. Here’s a glimpse into their Sunday adventure.

An Afternoon Adventure

The three riders set out on their adventure aboard Specialized Levo and Levo SL e-MTBs. Despite Carl being an experienced XC rider and Brad an endurance roadie, the two “non-e-bikers” were quickly impressed by the power and versatility of their electric bikes.

Tackling a variety of terrain, from smooth singletrack to rocky climbs and technical descents. The electric motor provided valuable assistance on the climbs, allowing them to maintain a steady pace and conquer even the most challenging sections.

On the descents, the e-bikes’ long travel suspension and powerful brakes provided a confident ride and one that meant a few “YEAAAAAHs” were exclaimed!  Brad, Carl and Craig were able to push that little bit more and do more technical riding all because of the confidence that the e-bike gave them.

After 2.5 hours of riding and climbing over 900 meters, the three e-migos were still buzzing from their e-MTB adventure. They had explored new trails, pushed themselves to new limits, and experienced the joy of mountain biking in a whole new way.

The Electric Advantage

  • Conquer the Unconquerable: One of the most obvious advantages of e-MTBs is their ability to tackle terrain that might be too intimidating on a regular mountain bike. With the assistance of the electric motor, riders can power up steep inclines, navigate rough rocky paths, and take on challenging climbs with confidence.
  • Extended Range: With e-MTBs, the enjoyment of a mountain biking adventure doesn’t have to be cut short. The electric motor provides a valuable assist when pedaling, making it easier to cover long distances. This means you can explore more trails, go on epic rides, and enjoy the trails for longer without worrying about running out of steam.
  • Tailored Riding Experience: Most e-MTBs come with customisable settings, allowing riders to adjust the level of motor assistance. This feature lets riders fine-tune their experience, whether they want an intense workout or a more leisurely ride.

Why e-MTBs Are Changing the Game

e-MTBs are changing the game for mountain bikers of all levels. They offer a number of key advantages, including:

  • Accessibility: e-MTBs open up the world of mountain biking to a wider audience. Riders of varying skill levels and physical abilities can now enjoy the sport and experience the thrill of the outdoors.
  • Eco-Friendly: e-MTBs are an environmentally responsible way to enjoy mountain biking. They produce minimal emissions and run quietly, allowing riders to explore nature with minimal impact.
  • A Social Experience: e-MTBs provide an opportunity for group rides (like this with our three ‘e-migos!’ where riders of different fitness levels can enjoy the trails together without anyone feeling left behind.
  • Health Benefits: While e-MTBs provide assistance, they still require riders to pedal and engage their muscles. This makes them a great way to improve fitness and enjoy the outdoors.

Electric Mountain Biking is a dynamic and exciting new aspect of the cycling world. With their myriad of benefits and technological advancements, e-MTBs are here to stay. Whether you’re an experienced mtb’er looking to explore new terrain like Carl, Brad or Craig. Or a newcomer seeking an accessible entry into the sport, e-MTBs provide an electrifying adventure that’s hard to resist.

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