Meet Team Leader, Carl

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Meet Carl, Cycle 360’s Team Leader.  Responsible for the direction and leadership of our bike sales team and workshop mechanics.

Carl started his career with Cycle 360 in March 2021 as a part-time Sales-Assistant, but as a former bike mechanic before his police constable days, he was quickly roped into helping in the workshop when our workshop team grew.  His Cycle 360 sales experience, combined with his knowledge of fixing bikes has made him the perfect fit for his new role as Team Leader.

Carl told us a bit more about him, how his love for bikes and mountain biking racing came about and what he prefers more: coffee or tea?!

Carl, firstly, what do you love about your job and how did you start working in the cycling industry?

Having a job that’s my passion! BIKES! Is why I love my job.

And before coming a police constable I’d worked as a mechanic in other local bikeshop retailers on Island and also spent a Summer working for Specialized and Mountain Bike UK.  I looked after Helen Mortimer and Will Longden as a bike mechanic and did four rounds with them travelling to Slovenia, Austria, France and Italy!

How did you first get into cycling?

I owned a hard-tail mountain bike in 1992, purchasing it for £190 and was hooked from the get go!  Cycling for me started with social rides, initially on a weekend, which then lead to mountain bike racing.  I competed in national rounds with Elliot Baxter, travelling to and from the UK with him, back when he was riding for Giant and Raleigh.

What do you love most about riding a bike?

I love everything that comes with cycling, but mostly the freedom it gives me!  And I like both riding on my own, but also in a group.  It’s great for clearing your head but there’s also the social aspect of riding in a group and the joy of meeting new people and catching up with people I know.

What are your plans for 2023?

I am mostly interested in endurance mountain biking events now, especially marathon events (so over 65km).  However, I am looking forward to making a cross-country (xc) come back in 2023, so I’m looking forward to the Cycle 360 MTB series!

What’s your involvement with the Cycle 360 MTB Series?

I’m on the committee and my role within that team is designing the course, and planning and preparation that goes into making each round great for the riders. I love helping organise the races as I think it helps keep you routed to the sport.  I also find it fulfilling and rewarding hearing great feedback on the courses – it makes all that volunteered time seem worth it.

Outside of work and riding a bike, what do you get up to?!

I’m a Dad and a husband.  I’m the ‘practical’ parent and as well as cycling, I have a real passion for mountaineering! I climbed Kilimanjaro a few years back and raised £6k for charity!  I usually drag my family into it too – but my next mission is to get my family riding bikes!

It’s time for a quick fire round of questions, here we go:

  1. Eating outside or cooking at home? Cooking at home!
  2. Netflix or YouTube? I’m a real movie buff, so it’ll have to be Netflix.  My favourite movie is 13 hours
  3. Calls or texts? Phone calls, definitely!
  4. Shower or bath? Shower
  5. Nice car or nice bike? Nice bike… obviously
  6. Cardio or weights? Cardio (naturally)
  7. Ocean or mountains? Mountains
  8. Winter or summer? Summer!
  9. Coffee or tea? I’m all about the coffee at Cycle 360…5 or 6 a day for me and I sometimes ask for a triple shot latte!!!
  10. Music or podcasts? Music

Finally, who is your biggest inspiration?!

Mathieu van der Poel.  He’s a Dutch cyclist and competes at the highest level in all disciplines of cycling: road, mountain bike AND cyclo-cross. I like him because he’s down to earth, likeable and relatable and you can even join him for a group ride on Zwift! But most of all, he attacks everything head on.
Find Carl on the bike shop floor 5 days a week, at our mountain biking series or on our coffee club rides!  He’s here to chat all things cycling no matter what level you’re at. 

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