Brad’s Big Achievements: How He’s Preparing to Dominate the Race Through Poland

This Spring, Cycle 360 Supported Athlete, Brad has taken on two major challenges: an Everest up Injebreck and the Lighthouses Fondo.  Not stopping there, Brad takes on the Race Through Poland from this Saturday: 1,000 miles of riding, all completely unsupported.

The 25-years young self-proclaimed adventure cyclist’s achievements and drive are testament to his resilience and perseverance, and serves as inspiration to us all. 

In our latest blog, we explore Brads two major accomplishments thus far, and look at how he’s ready to push himself to the absolute limit in the upcoming Race Through Poland.

Taking on Everest

In April, Brad took on an Everesting challenge up Injebreck and to complete it, he went up the fiercely steep climb 42 times.  His elevation gain came to a grand total of 29,398ft and for 11 hours 49 minutes, the total mileage of the ride allotted to 97 miles.

In the process, Brad inspired everyone around him; not least his Cycle 360 colleagues but other local cyclists too, who encouraged him through cheerleading and bringing fuel throughout the day, but also riding up the notoriously steep climb with him for a few repetitions.  Brad also raised £800 for Masaka Cycling Club: a project that has been created out in central Uganda to enable cycling fans and humanitarians from around the world, to come together and provide them with opportunities.

The ‘Lighthouses Fondo’

In a bid to help Brad prepare himself for the ‘Race Through Poland’, he took on the seemingly impossible challenge of completing the Lighthouses Challenge and Gran Fondo in just ONE ride, in ONE day.

It was an ambitious goal but not one that phased the un-phase-able, super-chilled, laid back (basically falling over!) Brad.  However, even for Brad this ride would take immense physical strength to accomplish.

On 7th May, Brad set off at 9am and 12 hours later, he’d completed 182 miles with 14,636ft of elevation gain.

Over the course of the day, he conquered the Lighthouses Challenge, a challenging 100-mile sportive for even the active cyclist, that took him through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in the Isle of Man.  He continued on to complete the ‘Gran Fondo Isle of Man’, which in itself is 125 km and has a combined 2,300 meters of elevation.  Throughout the day, Brad pushed his body to the limit but determined to complete this mega goal, after 12 hours of cycling and climbing, he made it to the finish line at his home in Laxey.  An incredible accomplishment, Brad‘s determination and ability to endure such a lengthy time in the saddle, is an inspiration to all cyclists around the world.  His success illustrates the power of a strong mindset and resilience to keep pushing.

1,000 Miles Unsupported: Brad takes on Race Through Poland

Just in-case you thought Brad was stopping at his two mega endurance challenges this Spring, he takes on the Race Through Poland, starting this Saturday (20th May).

Brad joins world-class athletes and the some of the best ultra-endurance sports people in the world to take on 1,000 miles (or 1500km). Brad is aiming to complete it in just 3 days.

The race itself is classed as one stage and it’s self-supported where riders are in a group only for a moment and after the neutralised start, they are on their own for 1,000 miles through the valleys and passes of Sudettes and Western Carpathians.

The long-distance bicycle race has one main objective for riders and that is to make their way from start to finish through the four control points located in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe mountain ranges.

Not only do the athletes have to plan their route and deal with the unforgiving mountain weather conditions, they also have to organise their sleep and nutrition throughout the ride.  Brad told us about his lightweight ‘bivy bag’ that he’ll be bringing with him on his bike, for when his body desperately needs some shut eye.  Riders can’t book hotels in advance, nor can they have any support during the 1,000 miles that helps them with nutrition or hydration. It’s all up to them to organise, and remember: it’s a race!

Brad will conquer some iconic climbs of the region and be exposed to incredible scenery but he will also fight exhaustion and come head to head with the biggest physical and mental test he’s ever had to overcome.

Follow Brad onInstagram while he takes on this insane race and offer him encouragement and support wherever you can! A little DM could go a long way.

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